Versatile Transfer Cart
shown loading quality control

   A manual cart for changing, transporting, and holding pallets.  The 2430C Pallet Cart can accommodate pallets up to 26" x 30" with a total weight of 1000 pounds.


   The cart is designed as an all purpose pallet and tool transport cart, replacing awkward traveling cranes and engine hoists.  Rollers on cart prevent gouging of the bottom pallet or fixture and makes heavy loads move with ease.

    The newly designed cart has a large lifting range to move pallets or tooling to a storage shelf as low as 8.5" to as high as 61.5" above the floor.  THe cart has large wheels to move it over rough flooring.

Features Include:

  • Transfer pallets without complicated lifting gear

  • Feeds pallets to all types of changers; shuttle or rotary

  • A must for tool room and work shop

  • Can be used as a simple pallet changer in an emergency

  • Perfect for all around shop use; vices, dies, fixtures

  • Safety fence prevents pallet shifting during movement

  • Hydraulic height adjustment


Versatile Storage Cabinet

Features Include:

  • Quick Changes Pallets can be removed and replaced within 10 seconds.

  • Accuracy Pallet to pallet registration repeatability .0002"

  • Rigid Platform Its cast iron bed provides a rugged base to support the heaviest workloads and tools.

  • Simple Operation Pallets are both registered and clamped with a single handle.

  • Air Operation:
    (RP option) Clamping and unclamping operation by air control.


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