The Innovators of the Quick Change
Tooling System


The Siegel Shuttle Tooling System

   The Siegel Shuttle System is a simple manual machine that mechanizes pallet changing and transfer.  It is especially useful for larger pallets with heavy work pieces that cannot be easily transferred by hand.  It also provides a convenient work station where work pieces are loaded and finished parts are unloaded, without interrupting on-line operations.

Easy Manual Operation

   The shuttle system requires no power.  Pallets shuttle back and forth smoothly on rollaway bearings.  As an example, the average shuttle changeover rarely requires more than 20 seconds.

Operator Convenience

   Only 25" wide, the Siegel shuttle makes transfers fast and easy, and provides excellent access to the tool spindle and pallet receiver.  The central work station is only 5" from the machine table and is a minimum of 24" wide.

Engineered For Safety

   A unique safety interlock prevents pallet movement unless a carriage is in place to receive a pallet transfer from the machine table receiver.  Air-operated receivers have a safety interlock which prevents machine operation until clamping force is applied.

   Chip buckets are located at each park station, and the unit has a drain which returns excess coolant to the CNC sump pump.  Floor clearance provides operator leg room and access to the VMC's front chip containers.

Space-Saving Design

   The Siegel shuttle is often specified when the floor space in front of the VMC is limited, since it is only 25" deep.

Simple Installation

   The entire system can be installed in two hours.  The shuttle is free-standing and is secured with four floor.

Models for Flexibility: 1015s & 1625s



Air or Manual Clamping

   Although manual pallet clamping can be used, many companies prefer pneumatic clamping under the control of the M function of the CNC or by a remote control.

Rugged and Inexpensive

    The Siegel Shuttle System is quite different from other over-elaborate shuttles offered on the market.  It is very simply designed, yet it is capable of handling pallets up to 20" x 30".  Thus, it is by far the least expensive full-featured shuttle system in the industry.

Features Include:

  • Manual shuttle action

  • 20 second cycle time

  • Doubles machining center output

  • Registration accuracy .0001"

  • Manual or air-operated receivers

  • Safety Interlocks

  • Models for receivers from 10" x 15" to  16" x 25"

  • Handles heavy pallet loads

  • Low cost, proven design

  • Low Profile receivers