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1625R and RP Manual Clamping Receiver

   The 1625 R comes with two standard 16" x 25" x 1.98" thick aluminum pallets The receiver can also hold larger pallets, up to 25" x 35" (maximum of 20" x 30" on 1625 S shuttle system).

   Features a built in air bearing on the surface of the receiver to aid in sliding the pallet on to and off of the receiver.

   The 1625R can also be used with the 1625S shuttle, which aids in quick changes of heavy fixtures and pallets.

   Optional air cylinders can be added to the receiver for power operation. The 1625R comes with a one year manufacturers warranty.

Features Include:

  • Quick Changes: Pallets can be changed in 30 seconds.

  • Accuracy: Pallet to pallet registration repeatability

  • Rigid Platform:  Its cast iron bed provides a rugged base to support the heaviest workloads and tools.

  • Simple Operation: Pallet is registered and clamped with a single movement of one handle

  • Air Operation: 
    (RP option)  Clamping and unclamping operation by air control.

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